Build up skills SWEBUILD – Educating energy efficient craftsmen in Sweden 2020. The project is now completed, it ran between 2014-2017.


The short-term goals of the project are for craftsmen and fitters to gain greater expertise in energy-efficient construction and renovation, as well as renewable energy. Furthermore, training should lead to improved communication on energy efficiency between operating on construction sites. The aim is to increase the knowledge within their art, increase the understanding of the future building lifecycle and of how different technologies interact, both during the construction and the renovation process. The long term goal is to create an individual holistic understanding of the importance of energy-efficiency when building houses.

Purpose and implementation

The purpose of the training is to improve the skills in the construction sector in matters of energy-efficient construction, and thus contribute to a more energy efficient society and sustainable climate situation. In step one, instructors will be trained in managing the educational online materials. In step two, these instructors will guide and support the staff of the construction sites all around Sweden. All in all, the online materials takes about four hours to complete. Participants passing the tests will then be able to become registered in the expertise database connected to ID06.


What SWEBUILD have accomplished:

2014 – A series of workshops were held at the Swedish Energy Agency in order to gather opinions and ideas about educational methods and the construction field, for the purpose of creating an educational concept for energy efficiency within construction.

2015 – The campaign got the name “Energibyggare” along with the new website. The start-up meeting for Energibyggare was held. The educational material was starting to unfold. A concept for training of instructors was created. After being tested and evaluated by workers from three different construction sites, the online material and training of instructors was further developed and fully completed. The online application for the instructor’s training opened in December.

2016 – The training of instructors for Energibyggare began at 15 of March. From this date on, all of the educational materials is available at www.energibyggare.se

2016 May – The preliminary dates for the training sessions of autumn are now set. So far, over 200 instructors have been trained around Sweden. The response from participators has been positive.
Khaled Merei, construction engineer specializing in energy-efficient passive houses and zero-energy, says ”The course is well structured, intense but still being compact and easy to access. ”

2017 February –  As of now, more than 1000 construction workers and installers have completed the online training course. Nearly  300 instructors have been trained.  The instructor’s training sessions have been held in 22 locations all over Sweden. The evaluations made show that 90 % of those who attended the instructor’s training are pleased or very satisfied with the education. Based on the evaluation feedback, we have also updated the online training materials by adding a section on replacement and refurbishment.

2017 August – The Energibyggare education is now a regular education offered by the Swedish Construction Federation and Installatörsföretagen. The online education material will continue to be available through this web page.


In order to reach the EU’s energy and climate goals for 2020 and 2050, great efforts and updating of skills are required of the construction sector in Europe. During 2011-2013 the EU project BUILD UP Skills was implemented. The project aimed to identify the special skills needed and to develop an action plan for further training in the construction sector. 30 countries participated in the project. 22 of them, including Sweden, have received money to continue the effort to strengthen the national expertise in energy-efficient construction, renovation and use of renewable energy. This has resulted in the present project Build up skills SWEBUILD.

SWEBUILD was initiated in 2014 and will span until 2017. This project has developed the educational campaign “Energibyggare” (Energy Builders). Energibyggare is a web-based interactive training concept developed and put together by leading players in the Swedish construction industry together with Energy Agencies of Sweden (the regional energy office’s trade organization) and the Swedish Energy Agency. The project is 75% funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) program – an EU program that supports energy efficiency and renewable energy. The remaining 25% is financed by the Swedish Energy Agency.

Project partners

Energikontoren Sverige
Sveriges Byggindustrier
SP Sveriges tekniska forskningsinstitut
Teknologiskt Institut

Alla partnerloggor IEE EM 170831


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For trainers

Instructor’s guide (Swedish only) English summary 2016-11-04
Course curriculum for a training-of-trainers course (English summary) 2016-03-30
Course curriculum for training-of-trainers course (Swedish only)
Implementation plan of educating the instructors (Swedish only) 2016-02-11
Eligibility criteria for training providers (Swedish only) 2015-09-03

Energibyggare – content

Course curriculum for on-site training and a design for just-in-time instructions (English summary) 2016-03-30
Course curriculum for on-site training and a design for just-in-time instructions (Swedish only) 2016-03-30
Educational goals (Swedish only) 2016-03-30


Documentation of realization of training of trainers (Swedish, English summary) 2017-06-27
Documention of compiled results from evaluation on training of trainers (Swedish, English summary) 2017-06-27
Evaluation results (Abstract in English) 2016-06-28
International benchmarking (English) 2016-03-29
Action plan for implementation of education (Swedish only) 2016-03-22
Communication plan (Swedish) 2016-08-19
Documentation from international workshops (English) 2016-03-08
Concept of training (Swedish only) 2015-06-26
Mapping and analysis of gaps in current education material (Summary in English) 2015-05-22
Method of developing educational goals (Swedish only) 2015-05-08
Vocational training (Summary in English) 2015-05-07
Developing the evaluation model (Swedish only)
Evaluation of educational quality (Swedish only)
Completed action plan for training of trainers beyond SWEBUILD-project (Swedish only) 2017-07-28
Plan for uppdate and knowledge transfer (Swedish only) 2017-09-08
Documentation of dissemination (Swedish only) 2017-09-30
Final report for BUILD UP Skills SWEBUILD project (2017-10-30)